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Ensure-IOS - Iron Oxidation System for Removing Dissolved Iron from Water

Guardian Manufacturing has begun delivery of its proprietary Iron Oxidation system (Ensure-IOS) for reducing high levels of dissolved iron found in facility source water. The system features a self-regenerating catalyst material that removes iron from source water once the chemical ionic state is changed from Fe2+ to Fe3+ (ferric oxide) through oxidation. Click Here for additional information.


Welcome to Guardian Manufacturing

Since 1993, Guardian Manufacturing, Inc., has strategically developed into a leader of industrial & commercial control system design and integration. We're a diversified manufacturing and control system integrators/integration company that provides products and solutions for automotive, food & beverage, agriculture, laundry, zoological, aquaculture, home building products, space, entertainment, and pharmaceutical industries.

Guardian products include energy efficient ozone laundry systems, ozone generators, water based ozone antimicrobial treatment systems, ballast water treatment, ozone sanitation systems, gaseous ozone treatment systems, cold room ozone, custom vacuum chambers, commercial lighting controls, audio & video panels, EMI filters, hazardous gas monitoring systems, real-time vision systems, ozone systems, and RFID systems for just-in-time, plant automation systems.

Guardian's EnsureTM ozone generator products feature Plasma Block® ozone generation technology inside for industry leading output and reliability. The ozone systems are found in our Ensure-FSTM cold storage systems, Ensure-LCRTM laundry cost reduction systems, Ensure-CTSTM cooling tower systems, and aqueous ozone sanitation systems trade named Ensure-ATSTM (antimicrobial treatment systems).

Please contact our Customer Service Department or any of our Guardian Distributors for further information.

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