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Download Ensure-CTS Specification Sheet

Download Ensure Water Cooling Tower Specification Sheets.

Ensure-CTS Cooling Tower (CTS)

Quality Ensure-CTS Cooling Tower Treatment System

Guardian Manufacturing's Ensure-CTS family of skid Cooling Tower Systems antimicrobially treats cooling tower process water for reduction or elimination of bio-films, bacteria and viruses on water circulation surfaces. Most importantly, Legionella pneumophila is NOT ozone resistant but is effectively killed by aqueous applied ozone solutions.

Ensure-CTS benefits include:

  • Lower Cooling Tower Operating Costs
  • Increased Water Conservation-Reduces Tower Blow-down
  • Lower Waste Water Disposal
  • Less Corrosion than other Chemicals
  • Kills Any Bacteria, Virus or Bio-film
  • No Chemical Storage
  • Improved Water Chemistry
  • Onboard ORP Control
  • No Residual Chemicals
  • Full System Integration
  • Safe Green Technology

Guardian's Ensure-CTS systems are designed for 100-1200 Ton capacity cooling towers. Currently, there are three off-the-shelf powder coated skids available. Each system feature ORP ozone control to provide optimal ozone dosing levels for effective kill. In addition, the systems house Plasma Block® ozone generators which are the industry's most reliable & efficient ozone generation device.

Guardian offers the following product offerings:

Guardian can custom design and integrate Ensure-CTS systems for larger tonnage cooling systems. Please Contact Guardian 321-508-3392 for additional information.