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Company History

Guardian Manufacturing was originally incorporated in 1993 by Chuck Smith and Joe Sheram. The initial focus of the company was the design, development and sales implementation of second generation alcohol interlock devices for the automotive industry. These devices, used by numerous state and city municipalities, regulate the use of automobiles (or related other equipment) to intoxicated users. Guardian successfully developed and manufactured over 35,000 alcohol interlock units for Guardian Manufacturing’s parent company Guardian Interlock Systems from 1993 to 2003.

Mr. Smith, an electrical engineer by trade and entrepreneur by heart, began expanding Guardian’s engineering department and manufacturing capabilities in early 1995 with the goal of becoming an industry leader in control system integration and products. Today, Guardian is positioned as a leading solution provider of integrated equipment and products for the automotive, home building, space, entertainment, pharmaceutical, antimicrobial treatment of food & beverage equipment and agricultural grower/packer/shipper industries.

In 1997, Mr. Smith became fascinated with the multiple uses and benefits of using ozone to solve industrial treatment problems. This fascination, coupled with unique product innovation, continues and has become a substantial growth sector of Guardian’s business. Today, Guardian is recognized as one of the top industry leaders in ozone generation products and antimicrobial water treatment systems.

In 2003, Mr. Smith acquired all ownership interest in Guardian Manufacturing. Steve Smith, Chuck’s younger brother began serving as Vice President in 2006. Both Steve and Chuck are B.S.E.E. graduates from the University of Mississippi.

Headquartered in Cocoa Florida, and located adjacent to the Cape Canaveral space industry complexes, Guardian's reach is worldwide. Our products and systems are installed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Thailand, China and Turkey. Our reputation in the industry is excellent and we continue to support systems sold since our incorporation in 1993.