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Industrial Light Panels
Guardian manufactures a wide variety of lighting panels to meet specific needs. We build our entire panel line with off the shelf-components so you never have a problem with finding spare parts. You can choose from our standard products in the following categories:

• ELDP - An economy panel that is listed to UL508A where you connect the line and load wiring directly to the contactors. More information listed below.

• SLDP - A panel that is listed to UL508A where we do all the wiring to terminal blocks. You can pick your feed location for both line and load.

Additional Lighting Panel Options:

• ALDP - An automated panel with a touch screen that can be programmed to operate each contactor individually. Using the screen you can set timing functions, incorporate photocells and add a unique feature we call an Emergency circuit. This circuit can be programmed with an all on feature and connected into fire alarms, security systems and just a simple emergency button. The panels can be networked together using a simple twisted pair allowing up to 15 slave panels on a single master with a max distance of 500 meters. More information listed below.

• LDPD - An emergency lighting panel, which is used to switch on and off emergency lighting circuits. This panel is UL924 listed for use in emergency lighting applications. More information listed below.

• ATSD - A transfer switch designed to be used in specific lighting applications. This panel may be used as a dimmer bypass switch or as a transfer switch for switching between emergency and normal lighting applications. This product is UL1008 listed for these lighting applications.

• CCP - Our custom control panels can be built to meet your specific needs. If its just one or thousands it's no problem for Guardian.