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Guardian Library of Articles & Publications

Food & Beverage Ozone Articles
Badger Common'Tator Article
Hamerski Farms Installs Ozone Generator with Water Injection System (November 2009)

Application Videos
Ensure-FS Cold Storage for Apples - Broetje Orchards
Ensure-ATS - Aqueous Ozone for Apples/Pears - Columbia Valley Fruit, Broetje Orchards
Equipment/Application Sheets
Ensure Cold Storage Systems
Ensure-ATS - Potato Wash Aqueous System
Guardian-Produce Wash.pdf

Ozone/Oxygen Specification Sheets

ENSURE-10,30,60_Specifications Sheet.pdf
ENSURE-120-240_Specifications Sheet.pdf
ENSURE-360-600_Specifications Sheet.pdf
Ensure-30-WXXAX_(Rental System).pdf

Oxygen OC4-10-15_LPM Specifications
Oxygen OC30_LPM Specifications
Oxygen OC45 LPM_Specifications
Oxygen OC-60/75 LPM Specifications

Ensure_15gr_hr_Aqueous_Contact_Skid Specifications.pdf
Ensure_30gr_hr_Aqueous_Contact_Skid Specifications.pdf
Ensure-CTS_Ozone_for_Cooling_Towers Specifications.pdf

Ozone Accessory/Option Specification Sheets

NEW - High Level Ozone Test Kit Press Release

General Product Sheets

Hazardous Gas Monitoring (HGM)_Brochure.pdf
Sheet Resistivity Meter (SRM_10)_Operators_Guide.pdf

Guardian Company Information / R & D Specs / Ozone Calculations
Ozone Demand and Decay Study Sampling Protocol.pdf

Laundry Ozone
Commercial Laundry News
April 27, 2012 - Commercial Laundry Takes Advantage of Ozone System to Increase Profit at Sea Island Linen in Charleston, SC
Health Care Laundry News
March 5, 2012 - Ozone System Change Improves Quality, Reliability, and Efficiency for Health Care System's Central Laundry Plant
Central Laundry News
April, 2010 - Ozone Installation for Resort Area Central Laundry Speeds Up Production 10%, Increases Productivity Over 20%
Hotel Laundry News
April, 2010 - Ozone Installation for Hotel Laundry Saves $100,000 in Annual Energy Costs, While Supporting Green Initiative.
Health Care Laundry News
March, 2010 - Nursing Home Chain Saves Over $1,000,000 On Annual Laundry Costs Through Installation of Reliable Ozone Systems.