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Guardian's Ozone Integration Experience

Guardian’s EnsureTM ozone antimicrobial treatment systems are installed in a wide variety of Live Animal Zoos, Aquariums, industrial, commercial food, beverage, fruit & vegetable cold storage/packing facilities as well as in fish farming operations worldwide.

A few of our well know customers include: Coca-Cola, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Busch Gardens, Sun Pacific Farms, Hawaiian Tropic, and the United Space Alliance to name just a few.

Ozone Integration Services


Guardian Manufacturing provides expert Ozone Integration Services for many commercial Aquarium applications.

Aquatic life support engineers are currently utilizing ozone to keep mammal/fish habitats at the correct organic balance. Guardian's leading edge Plasma Block® ozone generation Technology with built in redundancy & optional remote monitoring, operates trouble free and can be a key factor in keeping all aquarium systems operating at peak life support levels.

Guardian is a proud member of AALSO.

Our engineers are ready to assist you in your next project or system upgrade. Please contact Guardian for our customer list and for any additional system information.