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30 g/hr Plasm Block Generator.
120 g/hr Plasm Block Generator.

Plasma Block® Advantage!

  • Easy Maintenance & Low Cost
  • Substantial Energy Savings
  • Robust Industrial Design
  • Custom Programming

Easy Maintenance & Low Cost
Plasma Block® generators are maintenance free. Our mounting design method for components allows for easy access to hardware for immediate replacement of all components should an issue arise. All hardware items for our systems are in stock and readily available. Should a generator ever fail or require refurbishment, the removal process takes only a matter of minutes. As oxygen feed is a requirement of the system, replacement of the Plasma Block® is not a requirement. Cells can typically last for 10 years.

Substantial Energy Savings
The Micro Channel™ design of the Plasma Block® results in high concentration ozone at 23,000 Hz/3200 volts. Precision machined aluminum block eliminates inefficient hot spots found on other CD generators. Typically, there is a 2 PSI drop 10 LPM flow. Maximum cell pressure is over 100 PSI. When operating at full load output, the cell only uses 250 watts (air cooled unit). A 55-60 g/hr Guardian system with two Plasma Block® cells installed coupled with an oxygen system will use about the same power as a microwave oven. ( ~ 1500 watts @ 120 volts) This should produce over 3 pounds or 1365 grams of ozone per day making it the most efficient system on the market. When you calculate the instant on/off feature, the energy savings over other designs are tremendous. Water cooled cells are also available and supply ozone amounts up to three times more for the same power.

Robust Industrial Design
Guardian Manufacturing is a leader in automation control for Florida's theme parks, NASA, aerospace and fortune 500 companies throughout the world. Our expertise in custom software, hardware, SCADA platform development and ladder logic PLC programming has resulted in industry leading ozone systems designed for the specialized industries that we serve. We are always ready to meet the special requirements our customers may have.

Custom PLC Programming & Control
Should there be a requirement for data logging, remote access, control, or special features which need to be integrated into your process control system; Guardian's engineers are up to the task. We are staffed with highly competent individuals from aerospace, computer programming and water chemistry industries.