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Plasma Block® Cells Installed in Ensure Ozone Systems.
30 g/hr Plasm Block Generator.
120 g/hr Plasm Block Generator.

Plasma Block® Advantage!

  • High Concentration Output
  • Quiet Operation
  • High Reliability
  • Air Cooled Operation
  • Maintenance Free

Why Plasma Block® ?
Guardian Manufacturing exclusively utilizes Plasma Block® generators to manufacture high concentration ozone. The Plasma Block® advantage over existing other CD technologies is in the Micro Channel™ technology that generates the spark for ozone creation. This high concentration technology uses Pulse Density Modulation for optimizing ozone output across a variety of output ranges (1-100%).

The efficiency of the Plasma Block® design allows for lower oxygen requirements than competing CD generators. This means lower oxygen system costs to the end user.

The higher frequency operation range of the Plasma Block® results in silent operation when compared to CD units that typically operate in the 2000-12,000 Hz range.

Most Plasma Block® generators are air cooled which eliminates the need for costly water chillers or circulating water cooling systems (and maintenance of these systems).

Plasma Block® generators are maintenance free. There are no consumables to purchase for operation. On-board diagnostics shut down the generator in case of failure. Notification to user is sent to PLC and an alarm message (if so ordered) can be sent. Replacement of generator takes less than 15 minutes if there is a problem. For a nominal refurbishing fee, Plasma Block® generators can be easily reused and maintained unlike other CD ozone generators which require replacement.