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Seven Day Scheduler - Includes Independent Day or Night Setpoints.
HMI Ensure Touchscreen.
Guardian Manufacturing customer, AMFIL Technologies Inc., based in San Luis Obispo, California, requested a seven-day schedule feature for their Ensure ozone systems. Within two days of ordering the software upgrade, Guardian's engineers provided a seven-day scheduler option for their cold storage system.

"Our Ensure systems can now operate at higher levels during the weekend days or other special days when no one is at the facility. The seven day schedule option eliminated the need for workers to come in over the weekend to set higher ozone levels." states David Carpenter of AMFIL Technologies. "We are pleased with the quick, cost-effective upgrade that we received." he added.

Simple Touch Screen Configuration.
Seven Day Schedule Menu Screen.

PLC Programming & Remote

Monitoring (RMT)
  • Custom PLC Programming/Integration
  • Web Based Monitoring/Control Flexibility
  • Phone Text or Email Alarm Notification
  • Historical Data Retrieval
  • Administrator/User Levels

Custom PLC Integration/Programming
Guardian Manufacturing software engineers can customize our Ensure system programming code for your specific operational/company requirements. From special ozone display screens, monitoring configurations, to existing SCADA system integration, our engineers have years of proven industrial control integration experience to cost effectively get the job done. Our years of industrial design experience is based on numerous projects for Florida's space coast, NASA, and Orlando area Theme Parks.

Remote Monitoring System (RMT)

Guardian Manufacturing has created robust PLC system software for web-based, real-time monitoring of system hardware as well as displaying/controlling ozone room levels. This monitoring system provides users with current ozone levels, alarms either in email or text and historical data graphing of ozone levels while products are kept in cold storage rooms. The RMT monitoring system Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows intuitive configuration of alarm setpoints, room names (i.e. to match existing customer named rooms) and Administrator Level Access for adding employee users to the system. Now, facility managers, supervisors, upper management, or IT teams can remotely monitor, retrieve/graph historic room data plus configure alarm notifications from any Internet connection.

A new feature of the RMT system is remote control via GUI display on web pages. User access is granted through a second login screen and additional security features are included. Administrator Users with permissions can now turn on, turn off, change programming recipes remotely.

Guardian has conducted extensive customer interviews and recognized the need for customers to monitor and maintain records of room ozone levels as a way to insure, verify efficacy, and increase the storage life of fruits & vegetables in cold storage. With Guardian's RMT system in place, customers can objectively analyze their historical ozone data and determine optimal ozone setpoints and dosage levels for a wide variety of stored commodities. Now, optimal ozone levels can be statistically determined for different produce commodities. In addition, customers now have another value added system to offer their retail customers that extends product shelf life.