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Download the Ensure-IOS Dissolved Iron Removal Specification Sheet -

Dissolved Iron Removal System

Guardian is now offering the Ensure-IOS (Iron Oxidation System) for dissolved iron removal from water.  The IOS offers a new option for iron removal from water that does not require filter media replacement. 

Utilizing a combination of high concentration oxygenation and media filtration, the IOS is capable of removing dissolved iron concentrations up to 10 PPM.   The granular media selected has the unique ability to act as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen and iron compounds.  This reaction enhances the oxidation reaction of Fe++ to Fe+++ and produces ferric hydroxide which precipitates and can be easily filtered.  The media can be easily cleaned via backwashing to remove the processed precipitate.  Most importantly, the media is not consumed during the iron removal operation, offering a significant economic advantage over other iron removal methods. 

The system is completely self-sustained and requires 230 VAC power for the oxygenation system and filter controls.  The Ensure-IOS is completely customizable by Guardian based on your flow rate and iron concentration.

Please contact Guardian Manufacturing at 321-508-3392 to discuss your specific iron removal requirements.