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Oxygen Analyzer

Great for checking Oxygen Levels in Feed Gas Systems

This handheld, battery powered unit features continuous digital gas sampling using a stable, long life sensor. Calibration of the meter after extended use is easily accomplished using externally mounted adjustment controls. The unit is shipped ready to use. The system also comes with an instruction manual, warranty, adjustment tool, hose adapter, calibration tool, 9V battery and a carrying case.

The analyzer is perfect for checking the levels of Oxygen Feed Gas Systems including:

  • Ozone Generator Feed Gas
  • Hospital Oxygen Systems
  • Industrial Oxygen Systems
  • Laboratory Oxygen Systems

Features Include:
  • LCD O2 Readout
  • Continuous Gas Sampling
  • Long Life Sensor
  • No Sensor Handling
  • Simple Calibration Screw
  • No Zeroing Required

The Analyzer is available for $660 US. All major credit cards are accepted. Contact Guardian at 321.631.4580 (ext. 332) for purchase.