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Ozone Destruct Unit
Guardian Manufacturing is now manufacturing a proprietary ozone offgas destruct unit for eliminating ozone offgas from aqueous ozone applications. Capable of handling flows up to 90 LPM, the unit effectively removes ozone offgas from atmospheric or pressurized water tanks during normal operation.

How the Device Functions:

Ozone offgas enters through the bottom of the unit and flows through a heated catalyst area which destroys the ozone. The hot catalyst area is powered by a 120 V power heat strip element. The ozone gas is destroyed through this heated area leaving small amounts of oxygen and air to escape through the exhaust port located at the top of the unit.

The unit must be mounted vertically for operation. It is recommended that a P-Trap (water trap) be installed prior to the inlet to prevent water intrusion and saturation of the catalyst. A 6’ foot power cord is included but the unit can also be hardwired if necessary. The unit is also in-the-field serviceable.

Backflow Detection Device Features:

  • Destroys ozone offgas effectively
  • Keeps ambient ozone levels at or below EPA Levels
  • Field Serviceable
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Backed by Guardian’s Full Warranty
  • Manufactured by Guardian in Cocoa, Florida.

Guardian Ozone Destruct Unit.