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Senior Scientist
Thoram Charanda, Senior Scientist, heads up Guardian's Research & Development Department focusing on efficacy validation, new product design, and new ozone applications.

Thoram has previously spent 18 years managing water projects (all chemistry related maintenance) for aquatic life support systems at a prominent Orlando, Florida Theme Park.

Guardian Manufacturing Inc
R&D Facility
2750 Dillard Road, Suite 12
Eustis, FL 32726

Research & Development Lab

Scientific Validation for Ozone Demand

Validate your Process
Our on staff, senior scientist, engineers and full research and development facility, have the complete capabilities to provide in-depth ozone chemistry analyses and bench top testing for your antimicrobial/sanitation project. Guardian is one of the only ozone integration companies that offers this service to validate the efficacy of your process.

A few of the key benefits of our lab include:

  • Complete water chemistry analyses
  • Ozone demand and decay water chemistry modeling
  • Pilot system testing for complex ozone chemistries
  • Bromate formation modeling and capabilities
  • Computational theoretical models
  • Bench top empirical testing

Contact Guardian today to discuss your efficacy issues. We can test, validate, and recommend an application method for your products/process.

Download Lab Brochure Here.