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Remote Monitoring Option
For Cold Storage
HMI Ensure Touchscreen.
Guardian Manufacturing customer, AMFIL Technologies Inc., based in San Luis Obispo, California, requested a seven-day schedule feature for their Ensure ozone systems. Within two days of ordering the software upgrade, Guardian's engineers provided a seven-day scheduler option for their cold storage system.

"Our Ensure systems can now operate at higher levels during the weekend days or other special days when no one is at the facility. The seven day schedule option eliminated the need for workers to come in over the weekend to set higher ozone levels." states David Carpenter of AMFIL Technologies. "We are pleased with the quick, cost-effective upgrade that we received." he added.

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Simple Touch Screen Configuration.
Seven Day Schedule Menu Screen.

Guardian Ozone Generator Features

  • Quiet Operation (23,000 Hz operation).
  • Efficient & Reliable Design Technology
  • Linear Control Turndown 100:1 Manual or PID Plug & Play Oxygen System (option)
  • Oxygen Monitoring Protection
  • UL508A Label - UL Listed Generator
  • PLC HMI or Smart Relay Interface
  • Multi Zone Function Option
  • Auto Vacuum Start/Stop Feature
  • Integral Water Backlfow System (water based applications)
  • Rugged Design
  • Guardian's RMT - Remote Monitoring via Internet/Intranet

No System Warm Up Required
Unlike older systems which may be running continuously to an ozone destruct unit, the Guardian design can startup and shut down instantly. With the oxygen system in standby mode, the generators are always ready to perform at peak efficiencies. All high voltage is safely contained completely within the Plasma Block® . This eliminates shock hazards and dirt build up which can cause dangerous flash over.

Instant Ozone When Needed

Due to the Micro Channel™ design, high concentration ozone is always ready to operate at peak performance. Should the system require 100% ozone, Guardian's architecture will start the plasma on demand and shut down the plasma as the system dictates.

Variable Ozone Output Option

Should there be a requirement for varying the ozone output, Guardian's design can allow for a linear turn down to 1%. This is very unique in the industry and allows the operator to keep a very precise control on the systems organic loading requirements.

No Glass Tubes

Glass tubes in older systems require special handling and care and are expensive to replace. Operating at high voltages and lower frequency they require a specific warm up period and tend to be somewhat temperamental. Ask anyone who is using this older technology about the maintenance aspect of tube replacement and upkeep.

No Wet Air Problems

Wet air is a problem with any ozone generating system. To insure Guardian's Plasma Block® design is always ready to perform at full potential, only oxygen supply systems are incorporated into our design. Because of this, the dry oxygen feed gas enters the plasma chamber and eliminates the potential for creating nitric acid buildup in the cell.

Easy Maintenance & Low Cost

The Plasma Block® cells are maintenance free. Guardian's design allows for easy access to the hardware for immediate replacement of all components. Items are stocked and readily available. Should the Plasma Block® cells need replacement or refurbishment, they are easily removed in a matter of minutes. With Guardian's oxygen feed system, replacement of the Plasma Block® should not be a requirement. Cells can easily last for 10 years.

Huge Energy Savings

Micro Channel™ design results in high concentration ozone at 23,000 hertz/3200 volts. Precision machined aluminum block eliminates inefficient hot spots. Only a 2 PSI drop with 10 LPM flow. Maximum cell pressure is over 100 PSI. As with any cell the most predictable performance occurs with positive pressure domain. Running at full load the cell only uses 250 watts for an air cooled unit. A Guardian system with two Plasma Block® cells and oxygen system will use about the same power as a microwave oven. ( ~ 1500 watts @ 120 volts) This should produce over 3 pounds or 1365 grams of ozone per day making it the most efficient system on the market. When you calculate the instant on/off feature, the energy savings are tremendous. Water cooled cells are also available and supply ozone amounts up to three times more.

Heavy Industrial Design

Guardian Manufacturing is a leader in automation control for Florida's theme parks, aerospace and fortune 500 companies throughout the world. Our expertise in custom software, hardware, SCADA platform development and programming has resulted in a very robust ozone system designed for the industries we serve. We are always ready to meet the special requirements our customers may have.

Custom Programming

Should there be a requirement for data logging, remote access or special features which need to be integrated into your process control; Guardian's engineers are up to the task. We are staffed with highly competent individuals from the aerospace and computer programming industries.

Integrated to Your Process

We have the knowledge and understanding to ask the correct questions related to your process. From interlock features to pumps, valves, ORP and dissolved ozone monitoring (DOM) allow our ozone systems to function as one with your equipment. This insures that if a problem should occur the proper alarms are activated which allow the correct measures to be taken. Should your requirements include the ability to access the system from anywhere in the world Guardian can accommodate you.

Multiple Zones from One Machine
Guardian believes this to be unique in the industry. Our architecture has the built-in capability to deliver the correct amount of ozone to more than one exhibit. Currently we can handle two exhibits with one machine. Custom designs can allow us to set up our system for larger exhibits with multiple injection points.

Remote Monitoring Technology:
Our remote monitoring system features a Touch Panel Web Server, Alarming notification through e-mail/text message and access to PLC programming/editing features.

With this feature you can have the option of alarms calling out to a cell phone, email or pager with the ability to monitor in real-time all process parameters. Click here to visit Remote Monitoring Pages.