Whether it be designing a system for a ride automation solution or a control system for a theme park ride, we provide expert solutions to the entertainment industry.

Guardian Manufacturing has completed multiple motion control projects involving many different sized ride vehicles and hundreds of individual motion axis, with both hydraulic and servo motors. Projects range from supporting existing rides by troubleshooting and eliminating motion profile deviations to designing and implementing safety control systems to oversee axis motion, ensuring it maintains a safe profile.  Also, completely overhauling and upgrading obsolete control systems by installing all-new PLCs and interfacing with and upgrading the controls for multiple motion axis.

Entertainment contracts with Guardian include:

Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Guardian provided a new drive system, complete electrical design, and the fabrication of this system for the Haunted Mansion Attraction at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Guardian was awarded a contract with Universal Studios – Orlando, Florida, to ensure on-time start-up for the Harry Potter attraction and continuous improvements for ride and safety control.

Disney’s Dragon Wagon

Guardian completed a project for WDW known as the Dragon Wagon, which is used in WDW’s Fantasmic Show. GMI was responsible for the entire electrical design, fabrication, software development, and installation of the control system for the dragon.


Agriculture - Industrial sprinkler system watering crops

Guardian has incorporated industrial ozone generation solutions into:

  • Aquatic life support projects
  • Irrigation systems
  • Industrial wastewater VOC Reduction
  • Natural Gas Frac Water Treatment
  • Reclaimed Water Projects

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas photo

Guardian Manufacturing provides technological solutions to the oil and gas industry.

Guardian has been making improvements in production from automation in drilling to oilfield automation. Guardian offers a comprehensive list of automation products for a wide range of oil and gas applications. By employing automated technology, oil and gas companies can remain competitive in an ever-changing competitive landscape.