Let Guardian’s Team of industry professionals work with you on your next engineering design project! We’re system integration experts with a broad and diverse background across multiple industries. Our team can design to your exact specifications or we can work with you to develop your specification for your specific application or process. We will design a system that meets your requirements while providing a sustainable and cost-effective solution. The Guardian Team has a proven track record of successful projects throughout the world!

Process development plays a critical role in any manufacturing operation by ensuring the highest quality product is delivered at the lowest possible cost. Our team of automation specialists will work with you to integrate the latest technology in control and data acquisition to optimize your specific process. Guardian has successfully taken concepts developed in the R&D lab to the plant floor. We work closely with the customer to understand what’s been done to date in R&D and what’s expected in the final production product. Based on this feedback, we develop systems specifically designed to meet the client’s requirements.
Guardian provides complete shop drawings to show visuals of the scope of work for the project. Drawings range from electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, riser diagrams and schedules. Guardian uses the following platforms: Autocad Electrical 3D, SolidWorks, Navisworks, and others.
From PC based platforms such as Wonderware™ or Rockwell Software’s FactoryTalk™ to smaller HMI’s, Guardian has worked with various SCADA systems and will assist in integrating your systems. Our engineering staff can build and integrate into your specific requirements that meets your exact needs.

  • Our experts implement tailored SCADA solutions to support your operator’s efficiency and situational awareness, as well as engineering data for process control and continuous improvement.
  • From 800+ screens and RAID level Data Servers to simple HMI’s, we squeeze the most out of your process to maximize efficiencies.
  • We optimize the HMI screens to improve the operator’s situational awareness based on a deep understanding of how the plant is performing.
  • Since 1993 we have implemented a wide range of industrial SCADA and HMI systems from Wonderware and Rockwell FactoryTalk™ to customized SCADA systems using Microsoft .NET platforms.
  • Integrating control and information is vital for process performance and efficiency, and we have proven skills in all forms of data handling and algorithm development.
  • Custom Mobile Phone applications utilizing Amazon Web Services for quick and reliable process awareness from any location.
GMI develops custom vision applications where the commercial off the shelf systems leave off

  • Robust illumination design – the foundation of a vision system
  • High-speed image acquisition and processing
  • Machine learning algorithms for anomaly detection
  • Customized Software and algorithms developed to meet your specific project requirements
Guardian has a long history of development of sensing technology across multiple industries. We have extensive experience with hazardous gas monitoring sensors, gas analyzers, video processing and surface resistivity sensor technologies. All of these types of technologies are used to provide real-time data telemetry, control processing and display.