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Download Ensure Water Backflow Detection/Prevention Device.

Water Backflow Detection/Prevention


The last line of defense against water infiltration into the ozone generator is the Guardian manufactured Water Backflow Detection/Prevention Device. When water accidently or usually through mechanical check valve failure enters into an ozone generator, cell damage occurs. This condition proves costly to repair or replace as system owners or OEM manufacturers in warranty period are left replacing ozone cells.

Backflow Detection Device Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Compound Pressure Gauge
  • Heavy Gauge Pyrex
  • SS Float Switch
  • Manual Drain Junction Box

When ozone vacuum is lost or static head conditions allow water to leak past the ozone check valves, Guardian's Water Backflow Detection/Prevention Device prevents water from entering the generator and causing damage or downtime. When water enters the glass bulb (see photo above) the internal float rises and closes an electrical contact. This sends a signal instruction to the System Smart Relay to instantly turn off the generator, shut the solenoid, engage the fault light and protect the ozone generator cell from water damage.

Backflow Detection Device Benefits:
  • Protects Ozone Generator from Water Entrainment
  • Auto Shutoff Signal to Close Solenoid Valve
  • Manufactured in Cocoa, Florida by Guardian to the Highest Industry Standards
  • All Components Rated for High Ozone Concentration
  • Integral or Remote Options
  • Backed by Guardian's Full Warranty