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Ozone Rental Systems Specifications

Gaseous Systems


Gaseous Ozone Skid System at 30 g/hr.

Aqueous Ozone Contact Skids


Aqueous Antimicrobial treatment system. Produces 15 g/hr of ozone at 15 GPM.

Aqueous Sanitary/Antimicrobial treatment system. Produces 30 g/hr at 30 GPM. Stainless Steel Components

OPL Laundry Systems

Ensure-LCR - Laundry Cost Reduction Ozone System. Click here to be redirected to our Guardian Integration Services website.

Guardian Manufacturing Inc., offers EnsureTM treatment systems on a monthly basis for both gaseous and aqueous applications. Try renting one of our complete skidded Ensure systems to verify the efficacy of your process.

Some customers use the EnsureTM rental systems for short term antimicrobial water processing or produce storage resulting in no up-front capital costs to insure their products. Call Guardian now at 321-508-3392 for additional information.

Click on our Rental System Brochures above to find out additional technical information on our ozone systems.